Nutrition + Diet

Are eggs vegan?

No. Many vegetarians include eggs in their diets. But vegans exclude all meats, eggs, dairy and any other foods that are processed using animal products.  Read More

Can I eat eggs on the paleo diet?

Yes. The basic principle of a paleo diet is to avoid processed foods and eat as you would in nature. Guess what’s found in nature? Eggs!   Read More

Can I eat eggs on the keto diet?

Yes. A large egg has less than 1 gram of carbs and packs plenty of protein. They’re essentially ideal for people living the ketogenic life! Read More

Are eggs good for me?

Eggs are nature’s perfect food, containing various amounts of essential vitamins, minerals, protein and fat. In fact, eggs are so high in protein they are classified alongside meat in the protein food group. Read More

What are nutritionally-enhanced eggs?

Nutritionally-enhanced eggs come from hens with an alternative diet rich in Omega-3’s, vitamins, minerals or carotenoids. Some nutritionally-enhanced eggs can offer lower saturated fats.  Read More

Are cage-free eggs healthier for you?

Excluding nutritionally-enhanced eggs, cage-free eggs are no more or less healthy than other eggs. Animal welfare is the main concern for people who choose cage-free eggs.  Read More

Are organic eggs actually better for you?

Organic eggs are free from antibiotics. But other than that, the nutritional values are similar to other eggs.   Read More