Why are some hens fed vegetarian diets?

To avoid animal by-products in their feed. But since hens are naturally omnivores, their feed is supplemented with the necessary proteins.  Read More

Why do hens produce eggs?

To make baby chicks. Just like humans, hens ovulate for the purpose of reproduction. The eggs humans eat are the unfertilized eggs.  Read More

How often do hens lay eggs?

On average, a single hen will produce one egg every 25-26 hours.  Read More

Is the cage-free life better for hens?

Yes and no. Hens seem more content living the cage-free life. But hens in cages are actually safer from other hens in the pecking order. And their eggs require less washing.  Read More

Are hens happy?

Hens are social animals that prefer to flock and socialize, as they do in nature. When they can do this, then yes, they are happy.  Read More

Are hens given antibiotics?

Yes. Hens are given FDA approved antibiotics to prevent diseases in the hen house. There are some hens, such as organic egg layers, that must be antibiotic-free.  Read More

Are hens given growth hormones?

No. Growth hormones in poultry production has been banned in the United States since 1950. Read More