Food safety

Should I trust the sell-by date?

Yes. The sell-by date is always 30 days or less from the packaging date. Read More

What does the three-digit code on a carton mean?

This code indicates the date your eggs were packed in the Julian calendar format. In a 365 day year, for example, January 1 would appear as 001 on the side of your carton, indicating the first day of the year.  Read More

Should I be concerned about salmonella?

Most outbreaks of salmonella are caused by other foods like nuts, fish, beef or chicken. Of the outbreaks attributed to eggs, the causes were due to improper cooking or refrigeration. Read More

What are pasteurized eggs?

This simply means that the egg was exposed to heat to destroy any potential bacteria, usually used in recipes calling for undercooked or raw eggs. Read More

Why do we refrigerate eggs in the U.S.?

Some countries believe an egg’s shell is enough protection against bacteria. And some countries believe refrigeration is too costly.  Read More